At BLI we love what we do. We want to inspire you to live the learning experience and to love it. We offer numerous types of English and French programs.
At BLI we offer high-quality and affordable accommodation options.No matter what your needs are, we will help you find the best alternative for you.
Social Activities
At BLI we take your learning experience beyond the classroom. We offer a wide variety of evening and weekend activities and tours!
We will make sure that you feel happy, safe and get all your questions answered. BLI will be with you all along the road. You will never feel alone!
Visa & CAQ Support
If you need a visa to come to Canada, we will give you all the support and orientation to make your process easier. We are always here to assist

Live Learning
Love learning!

Choose Your Program

BLI offers numerous types of English and French programs. Depending on your interests or specific academic/professional goals, you may enroll in a general English or French course, a conversation course, listening classes, test preparation classes (including preparation for Toefl, Toeic, PET, FCE or CAE, DALF, DELF), specialized business English·French courses, and grammar-intensive courses, among other options!

What our students say

  • The experience was better than what i expected, my homestay family was great, my teachers and classmates made my experience in Canada an incredible one.
  • I chose the right school!  When I first came here, I spoke no English at all.  Now I am fluent!  If you want to learn English, you should come to BLI!
    English Student
  • I came to Canada to study English and French.  I studied for 3 months in Quebec City, and then I moved to Montreal to continue my studies in English.  I totally loved both cities and both schools.  The staff and teachers were always friendly and helped me all along my stay.
    Eduardo Chavez
  • Such great school! I was learning French at BLI and it was a blast- it was easy to make new friends and everyone was so friendly. I think it helped me practice more because the teachers, staffs and the students are always there for you and ready to help. In fact I still keep in touch with friends I’ve made at BLI and oftentimes we talk about how we want to go back. The classrooms were very neat and new as well- loved it and definitely recommended!
    David Lee
  • I would gladly recommend this school. I attended the school this year and I was really happy with all their services. I was impressed by the staff. All the teachers are very qualified and their classes are excellent. The schools is very well located. Next year I am planning on enrolling again.
    Wilka Santos
  • I had a great opportunity to practice my English in the after class activities.  It was not only what I learned in the classroom, it is what I learnt in the city.  I will come back next year
    English Student

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