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The breathtakingly beautiful heritage city of Quebec is the heart of French-speaking culture in North America. It is often described as a piece of Europe in the new continent.


Located on the majestic banks of the Saint Laurence River, Quebec City is one of the most picturesque cities in the world. Founded by Samuel de Champlain in 1608, this provincial capital is the cradle of French civilization in North America. The greater Québec area now holds a population of nearly 700,000, the perfect middle ground between a lively city and a peaceful yet vibrant town. Québec City is rich in history, architecture and traditions that hold an authentic appeal.


You will appreciate its pedestrian streets, exquisite restaurant scene, and numerous European-style cafés. Québec is the only city in North America that has kept its historic fortifications. It was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1985.


Being the major Canadian city that is 100% francophone, Quebec is the ideal place to immerse yourself in the French language and, at the same time, enjoy everything this wonderful city has to offer you!


Discover BLI


BLI Quebec is an international language school with 36 years outstanding reputation for the quality and variety and French programs we offer.


BLI Quebec is located in the heart of Nuovo St-Roch District  among parks, shops, cafés, restaurants, pubs and bars, cinemas, theatres, fashion designers, supermarkets, bus and train stations, and within walking distance from the Old City. Nuovo Saint-Roch is at once bohemian and modern.


Our facilities offer students a comfortable atmosphere that makes the learning process very enjoyable and fun.

Some of the commodities BLI Quebec offers are:

  • Excellent location in Quebec City.
  • Comfortable and modern classrooms
  • Computer lab
  • Kitchen facilities for students
  • Wi-fi throughout the school
  • Information Boards
  • Mediatheque

BLI programs offer an integral solution for your educational needs as an international student.  We take care of all the aspects to make your stay in our school an unforgettable life experience.


BLI Quebec is waiting for you!


Discover Quebec

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