The things that I like in Montreal

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by Yingying Zhang, student in the English Program at BLI Montreal

In my opinion, the weather of Montreal is more comfortable for me than my homeland. I lived in the south of China before I came to Canada. It is a really warm and humid place that you will never see snow in winter, and the summer is so hot that you can not stay outdoors for a long time. Moreover, during the April, there are a lot of water in air. Except rains, even the outdoor things are always wet so that I am not able to endure. Compare to the south of China, I prefer the dry and cold weather, especially snow in Montreal.

Canada is a diversified country, so it can tolerate different cultures from different places. In Asia, people’s mentality of assimilation is serious. We cannot wear different kinds of clothes, or have different behaviors; Otherwise, we will suffer the peculiar sight from others. However, in Canada, we can dress various clothes and have different habits without worries because other people will not think we are wired. The capacity of inclusion is what I like in Canada.


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