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by João Paulo Stadler, student in the English Program at BLI Montreal


IMAG1573My name is João Paulo Stadler and I am 24 years old. I was born in Brazil and I have just arrived in Montreal to study my preferred languages: English and French.

Since 2013, I was looking forward to improving my level in both languages, but it seemed impossible to find a school which offered both languages at the same time. Finally, I found BLI and a program that allowed me to learn both languages simultaneously.

Both programs suit my very needs: I attend grammar classes in French (the language I am less competent in) from 9.00 AM to 2.00 PM, during which I have an overview of grammar subjects and directed activities to develop it. In the afternoon, I switch to English and I take very practical classes, such as one for the IELTS preparation. All the classes are divided into specific blocks, which allow the students to practise all the four language competencies.

Besides the program, the teachers are very well prepared and innovative. Because of that, the classes are very dynamic and motivataing, warming us up after walking through the snow! The school’s layout also contributes to an amazing environment. The classrooms are very comfortable and well equipped.

Lunchtime is yet another adventure! In the cafeteria, there are vending machines, refrigerators and microwaves (for those who prefer to bring their own lunch.) You can also find people here speaking both English or French at different levels, so you can certainly practise your speaking skills while you enjoy your food. I recommend you to avoid using your mother tongue. Not only because it is a regulation at the school, but also because you need to be intensively immersed in order to improve your fluency. I suppose that is the reason why you left your country, right?

Another good thing about BLI is the location. It’s near to the metro station (Place d’Armes) and is part of Old Montreal. So, a quick glimpse through the window or the walk on your way to the school can show you a wonderful range of old buildings and other wonderful views. You can also find everything nearby, like restaurants, gift shops, museums, China Town, etc.

Considering all these points, I dare to say that studying at BLI is enriching, not only academically, but also for life.


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