It is natural for students to wonder what their first day at school will be like, whether they are excited, anxious, or even somewhat nervous. Here you will find an example of what a typical first day of school at BLI will be like.

Your first day will start at 8:00 am. Upon arrival, you will be welcomed by BLI’s warm and friendly staff.  They will ask you for your name and for and ID. They will make a photo copy to add it to your file.

You will be given your welcome kit that includes useful information for your stay in Canada.

You will then be assigned a classroom – in which you will take your oral and written exam (this only applies if you have not previously taken the exams online).

After that you will have an orientation session, that will start once all the new students have arrived. The orientation session will last about 30 minutes. You will be greeted by the Director of Studies and  other staff at BLI; the homestay coordinator, the councellors and the activity coordinator.

Everyone will be ready to help you adjust on your first day, and answer all the questions you may have. They will give a presentation on all of the basic but very important information you will need to make your stay easier and more efficient, such as how to purchase transit passes and navigate the local public transportation system, how to change a course, emergency procedures, etc.

This will also serve as a way to get to know your peers and become comfortable in your new surroundings.

Making students feel at home is vital to BLI.

When the orientation session is over, you will receive your class schedule and finally be ready to begin!

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