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  • In 1976, Bouchereau Lingua International (BLI) opened its first language school in the city of Montreal, Quebec, offering corporate training to business executives and administrators in a multitude of industries and domains of expertise. Shortly after, we opened our doors to students from all over the world to participate in our newly established English and French immersion programs. We had cemented ourselves as a firm that embodies expertise, innovation, and exemplary client services. We subsequently gave in to the demands for more linguistic services and we thus started serving local and international companies with translations through our top quality, government-accredited  translations bureau.

With a dedicated and passionate teaching staff and the signature friendly and positive atmosphere of BLI,  we were able to successfully acquire another campus, in the provincial capital of Quebec. Our Quebec City campus lead the way in educating international students on the French language.

BLI’s business school also attracted international business people in reaching proficiency in the world’s major languages, in programs tailored to every discipline, market, and domain.

Since then, BLI has further continued to grow and expand. BLI is now among the most recognized language schools in the world, and responds to customer demands by tailoring every professional service to the specific needs of every client.

BLI has provided quality education programs for over 4 decades



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