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BLI History

Satisfied students since 1976

BLI opened its first language school in 1976 in Montreal, Quebec. Its objective was to offer business training to senior executives and administrators in several industries and areas of expertise. Shortly after, BLI started welcoming students from all over the world to participate in its French and English immersion programs.

Having established its reputation as a company that embodies expertise, innovation, and exemplary customer service, the school subsequently responded to the growing demand for language services and began offering its top-quality translation services to local and international companies, from its government-accredited offices.  

A dedicated and passionate teaching staff as well as a friendly and positive atmosphere are the signature of BLI, which has successfully acquired another campus in the capital city of Quebec.

Our Quebec City campus paves the way for the training of international students on the French language.  

Since then, BLI has continued to grow. BLI is now one of the most recognized language schools in the world, and responds to customer requests by tailoring professional services to the specific needs of each client.

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