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School Policy

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Language Policy

At BLI ,  we apply an English-or-French-Only Policy. This policy has been established to help you maximize your English or French language practice during your studies in Canada. To help you really improve your language proficiency level, you will be expected to communicate only in the language you are studying at all times while at BLI.

If you break the policy, you will receive a penalty:

First offence:      You will receive a Warning Card.
Second offence: You will be suspended from BLI for one day and will be recorded as absent.
Third offence:     You will be suspended from BLI for three days and will be recorded as absent. You will need to meet with the program coordinator.
Fourth offence:   You will be suspended from BLI for five days and will be recorded as absent. You will need to meet with the program coordinator.
Fifth offence:       You will be suspended from school for one session or equivalent.

Lateness & Absenteeism

BLI expects students to be on time to their classes. If a student is three times late to one class, it equals to one absence. If students attend less than 80% , they won’t receive their certificate.


BLI encourages socializing and cultural exchange among its community; however, school policy indicates that employees are not permitted to socialize with students outside of regular hours and BLI events.

Leave of absence

Students coming for 24 weeks and more are allowed to request a leave of absence. This leave of absence can not be longer than four weeks. If the students are granted a leave of absence, their classes will be postponed. If requesting a leave of absence must have completed 12 weeks of study. If they are travelling abroad, they must have a valid visa.

Class change

Although this is a rare situation, whenever a student feels that the class where he or she has been placed is not helping to improve language skills or if it is very difficult, he or she can request a class change. In order to do so, he or she needs to take to the academic coordinator during the first week of classes. No changes are possible after week one.

Drugs and alcohol

BLI policy concerning drugs and alcohol:
– Consumption of drugs and alcohol are forbidden on school property.
– Cannabis consumption is not allowed on school property, at school events, activities or trips and excursions by anyone, neither
staff or students.
– Any underage/minor student who possesses, uses, sells or distributes legal (e.g. marijuana, prescription medication, etc.) or
illegal drugs, drug paraphernalia, alcohol or tobacco at any time while on school property, or under the authority of the school,
is subject to the most serious disciplinary action, including suspension or expulsion.
– The school’s policies on drugs and alcohol also apply to all BLI student trips and activities. The school reserves the right to
search any student belongings if that student is suspected of having drugs or illegal substances or items in the school, on trips
and activities. Students believed to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol face serious consequences, including suspension
or expulsion.

Student Expulsion Policy

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