BLI knows that learning goes beyond the classroom. Your BLI experience will be social, interactive, communicative and personally enriching, contributing greatly to your success while you learn a new language. Our activities program will allow you to practice the language you are learning in real situations and to make friends from all over the world while discovering Canada.

We provide a fantastic social programme and we will encourage you to involve yourself as much as possible to experience life in Canada and see all the attractions that we offer.  You will have incredible experiences you will remember your entire life.

You can find out what is going on by checking the activity calendars that are posted weekly in the common areas of our schools.

We encourage you to speak English or French as often as possible, even if your friends speak the same mother tongue as you.

Conversation Club


Would you like to practice the language you are learning outside the classroom? Why not? Join our conversation club. It runs once a week. It will give you the opportunity to interact with other students and teachers and to practice your target language in a relaxed atmosphere.

How to join the activities? 

If you would like to join our activities, don’t forget to register for them.  You will meet the activities co-ordinator during the orientation session that takes place your first Monday at BLI

View or download our calendar of activities.

Calendar of Activities in Montreal

Calendar of Activities in Québec City

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