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  • My name is Mai. I am from Japan. I came to Canada to learn English. I chose BLI because they have a lot of program options. I am very happy I made that decision. When I first came here, I couldn’t speak any English. Today, I can say that I have improved a lot! I took classes with great teachers that helped me a lot an corrected all my mistakes. I also visited many places in Canada!

    Author's imageMai HirakawaJapan
  • Pendant les quatre semaines de cours super-intensif á BLI j ´ai pu améliorer énormément mon niveau de français. Les professeurs étaient vraiment professionnelles.

    Elles ont très bien travaillé ensemble, les sujets d ´une leçon continuaient á la leçon suivante. En plus, les classes étaient petites. C´était vraiment une excellente expérience d´immersion en français.

    Author's imageChristian WeinbuchGermany

  • Hi, My name is Brigitte. I’m from Venezuela. I came to Montreal to study English and French.I´ve already finished my English program and it was amazing , because besides learning and improving my English, I met many friend from different countries like Japan, Brazil, Mexico, Belgium, Switzerland and others. My classes were very dynamic and fun.

    I’m currently learning french course and my french classes have been great as well. I have learnt and improved a lot in a short period of time. I can say that BLI is my second home.

    I love BLI

    Author's imageBrigitte ZerpaVenezuela
  • My name is Migue Kim. I’m from south Korea. I’m 21years old. I came to montreal to study english last year. I have met fantastic friends and great teacher at BLI. I have been able to improve my english.

    I love BLI classes

    I love BLI teachers

    When i go back to Korea, i will never forget them. I’m happy I have met them.

    Author's imageMingue KimKorea
  • My name is Pamela Alavez. I am from Mexico. I have come to study at BLI twice. I came to study English. I love the school because besides interactive and fun classes, I have had the opportunity to visit a lot of amazing places in Montreal, Toronto and USA. Montreal is so close to everything. I will come back soon!!

    I would definitely recommend BLI!

    Author's imagePamela AlavezMexico

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