If you wish to come to Canada and study for up to six months, you may need a visitor visa.

Visitor Visa

The type of visa you would need depends on the country you are from and on the duration of the your BLI program. Click on the following link to see the list of countries that need a visa to enter Canada

List of countries

If your country is listed there. BLI will help you through the process and will send you the necessary school documents to submit with your application.

Study Permit & CAQ

If you are planning to study at BLI longer than six months, there are two documents you have to get, a Canadian Study Permit and the CAQ, Québec Acceptance Certificate. If this is the case you have to apply for the CAQ first. After getting your CAQ (3-6 weeks) you can start the process of your Canadian Study Permit.

Click on the following links to learn how to apply for a CAQ and a Study Permit.

How to apply for your CAQ?

How to apply for your study permit?

Bli can help you with your application process. All you simply need to do is request it, and we will be happy to assist you.