Why learn english and french at BLI?

Is there a better way to learn a language than to live it? BLI doesn’t think so. That is why all of our quality educational programs have been designed to meet students’ needs and interests, and are based on a dynamic and communicative approach that will not only help the students become proficient in a language, but also will give them the tools to succeed at a global level.

BLI makes linguistic knowledge relevant to your life in a variety of beneficial ways beyond your imagination. Expanding your options and maximizing your success is what we at BLI aim for.

BLI takes the language learning process outside the classroom, by offering the students a wide variety of fun and interesting activities and a quality Homestay program that will allow the students to take their learning experience to another level, learning in the real world.

Another aspect of the BLI learning experience is the tailoring and customization of programs that will help the students learn through their personal interests, in a friendly environment, and with the opportunity to engage with fellow BLI students from all over the world.

For more than thirty-six years we have helped thousands of students from all over the world to fulfill their dreams and to become global citizens. Every one of us,  BLI educators, administrators and coordinators, are looking forward to welcoming you at one of our schools and being at your side in this great life experience:

“learning a language abroad”

At BLI we love what we do. We want to inspire you to live the learning experience and to love it. We don’t just teach courses, our schools offer you a complete experience. We combine excellent academic programs with affordable high-quality accommodation options and a wide variety of evening and weekend activities and tours.

We will make sure your experience in Canada is unforgettable.

  • Top reasons to study at BLI


         40 years of experience
         Excellence in education
         Individual student attention
         Personalized programs
         Top quality curriculum
         Wide variety of programs
         Flexible start dates
         Guaranteed success
         Small classes 
         Class diversity
         Qualified teachers
         Exciting activity programs
         Two locations in Canada
         Bilingual programs


  • Live learning
    Love learningstudy-english-at-bli


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